Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coconut Pancakes! I just made BEE's Coconut Pancakes ( and WOW! Fabulous! Now, I admit, they weren't pretty, and well, I still need to experiment with them a bit, but the ones that did turn out were amazing!!! I am thinking these could also be used as a substitute for bread when making sandwiches, which I have really been missing. I'll let you know how the experimenting goes.

My sister introduced me to some killer Chicken Cordon Bleu today. She gets it from a local meat market, and oh man is it yummy!! It's not breaded like the traditional version, instead it is lightly coated with Parmesan that crisps right up when baked. Rolled with thinly sliced ham and a small amount of swiss, it is awesome! While it won't be something I can enjoy often, it will definitely be a reasonable cheat.

My sister made it using the "Flavorwave" oven...have you seen these? It uses a combination of infrared and convection cooking and wow, it does an amazing job! She took it straight out of the freezer and in twenty minutes, we were eating juicy, crispy Cordon Bleu. I might have to get me one of those!

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