Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making a difference

This article makes me want to shout to the world "pull your head out of your ass people."
I can't believe some of the asinine comments parents will make. One example:
"Deborah Bellholt, a South Los Angeles mother, said none of her six children ranging from pre-school to high school age will drink plain milk. "By allowing kids flavored milk, they still get the calcium they need," she said. "If not, they'd bypass it.""

Great parenting there Deborah....started the kids off right away with a sugar high...congrats!! Take it away and eventually the kids will start to drink regular milk. Or gee, maybe they could get their calcium from other sources, without all the sugar, like salmon (and other seafood), greens, cheese and plain yogurt.

Jamie Olivier's Food Revolution has been fighting this issue for some time. While I don't agree with all of Jamie's food theories (he still thinks pasta is healthy) I agree 100% with his overall concept of getting REAL food into our nation's school. Go to his website and join the revolution. We all need to do our part to get the change started.