Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Freggies Organic Delivery

I recently purchased a Groupon for Freggies. For $24 I would receive $60 worth of organic produce delivered to my door. I had never heard of Freggies, and their delivery area is very limited but I thought, what the heck, they deliver here, I'll give them a try. Usually during the summer, I don't use the home delivery services as much, since there are a ton of Farmer's Markets going on and I'd rather support them. But my weekends have been so busy, I haven't had a chance to get to as many of them as I would like, and my fridge was getting a little sparse! So imagine my surprise when I came home and Friday and discovered this boatload of yumminess from Freggies! There was a little bit of everything, from portabellos and strawberries to avocados and zucchini. (There were also "bonuses" included in my delivery; a 4-pack of bagels and a voucher for a free cup of ice cream at a place in Seattle. I actually gave those both away to friends who came over later that night. Yeah me!) Wow! I just may have to keep ordering from them! Looks like the weekly charge is $39.99 or you can create your own delivery box. If any of you have tried them, please share your experience in the comments.

So with all that yumminess, here's one meal I made using the carrots and green beans. The carrots were cooked in homemade chicken stock for hours (dual purpose, flavor the stock AND become a yummy side dish!) and the green beans were steamed with bacon fat added. With these is a simple pork roast. Nothing fancy but packed full of flavor! All total, this meal cost about $2.13. Somebody remind me again why Primal is so expensive??