Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fatty Fridays

Go check out this blog post....awesome idea.....Fatty Fridays!!!! Join the revolution!!

The Chocolate Milk Diet

Yet another sugar laced diet that consumers will fall for.


What is really sad, is that people truly believe this. How many times have you been in a restuarant where you've witnessed parents ordering chocolate milk for their kids instead of that "super sugary soda"? Guess which one has more sugar in it? I can only imagine how many people will be sucked into believing that chocolate milk is good for them, and start pounding their three servings a day, only to gain more weight as a result? And then of course, wonder what the hell happened?

Did anyone else follow Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? For the most part, I agree with what he was trying to accomplish. Especially getting real food in front of the kids. Granted, he is still part of the low fat movement, but at least he is trying to get real food out there, and get rid of all of the sugar. There was one episode where he was successful in removing the chocolate and strawberry milk from the elementary school lunchroom, only to return a few days later to find the flavored milk had reappeared. When he confronted the districts purchaser about it, she told him she questioned the state food program director about this and was told "It is more important that the kids get the calcium, and that is easier to accomplish with flavored milk." I know this will come as a shock to most Primal followers, but the government, the ones given the responsibility to provide food to our schoolchildren, believe that massive amounts of sugar really is ok for our kids. What is wrong with that picture? Real food people, it's all about real food.