Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check out

I love the ease of shopping online so when I found this new site, I wanted to share with everyone. What am I so excited about? Well, they have Burt's Bees, Dr. Bronners, tons of vitamins (just ordered my first supply of Vitamin D3), Method products, almond oil (can't wait to try this one!) and Nutiva coconut oil. All the primal products I love. AND they always offer free shipping on orders over $25, AND there is NO TAX!! (except in CO, MO, NC, NJ, NV, NY, and PA). AND they offer 15% off your first order. Have I told you how much I love a good deal?? Check it out for yourself.

Get 15% off
your first order
use code KBUS3723
shop for all your home essentials: Gillette Razors, Dove Soap, Moroccan Oil 'Buy
Not valid for existing or customers. Some resctrictions apply.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mark's 30 Day Challenge

The 30-Day Challenge is on over at Mark's Daily Apple. Check it out and get involved. I know I've had a tough summer staying on course, and this is just the kick in the pants I need to get moving.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kraft Cheese Coupon

Every once in a while, we all need to save a little money. I just found out about a great deal on Kraft cheeses. Now, I know it's not raw, and well, it might not be the best choice, but sometimes it's ok. So click on this link to print out a "Save $5 on 5":

If you happen to have an Albertsons near you, you can save even more. Through September 7th, they have Kraft Cheeses on sale 2/$4. And when you buy 5, you'll get a Catalina coupon for $5 off your next shopping trip.

Now, here is how to really save BIG: When you print the coupon, you can print it twice. Go to Albertsons, buy 5 cheeses, and use one of the $5 coupons. You'll pay $5 and get a coupon for $5 off your next visit. Go grab another 5 cheeses. At the register, use your second $5 off, and the $5 Catalina coupon that you just got. You'll pay $0. Yes, that is ZERO dollars. AND you will get ANOTHER $5 Catalina coupon. Go grab some avocados (on sale 2/$3), or whatever else you may need (laundry detergent anyone?!?!) and use the last $5 Catalina coupon when you check out. Let's say you decide to get 4 avocados, you'll wind up paying a whopping $1. So you could walk out of there with 10 packages of cheese and 4 avocados for only $6!!! You just saved $20. More money you can put towards your monthly grass-fed beef allowance. happy!