Thursday, February 17, 2011

Save on Nutiva Coconut Oil on Amazon

Just found a great deal on Nutiva Coconut Oil on If you use the "subscribe & save" option, you will recieve a discounted price as well as free shipping. The "subscribe & save" feature is an automated shipment program. I signed up for delivery every 2 months and will receive a 2-pack of 15 oz jars of Coconut Oil for just $11.51 with no shipping charges and no tax. That's just 38-cents per ounce! They also have the 54 oz Twin Pack for $38.30, just 35-cents an ounce. I'm sure some of you know of better deals, but the smaller size works for my single person household. But please, share your finds with others so we can all get a good deal.

I haven't had Coconut Oil for a couple months, mainly because I keep forgetting to run out and buy some. But I saw this recipe yesterday over at the MDA forum, and I am dying to try it. I've been having major sweet cravings lately, for chocolate of course, so I think this will help. Or I can just do the usual and dip dark chocolate in the coconut oil for a yummy late night snack....ok, now I'm really craving chocolate!

Monday, February 14, 2011

How Expensive is Primal Eating?

Today there is a thread over on the MDA forum about the cost of eating primal. Overall, it seems people spend a good amount on primal foods and most are happy to do so. Common themes around the primal world are "pay the farmer, or pay the doctor" and as Joel Salatin says, "So you think clean eating is expensive? Have your priced cancer treatment lately?" And I agree that I am happy to spend the money on good, clean food. But it also got me thinking about what I am really spending. Sometimes, I feel like I am spending a lot, but that may be because I stock up on things for the freezer. And sometimes that is beneficial. For instance I stocked up last month on grass-fed beef so this month, I didn't need to buy any. The thread got me wondering what it actually costs per meal, per day. And I decided it's time I figure it out! So this week, I'm going to to start tracking and report back. And if I'm feeling super energetic, I'll even include pictures!! I'll be tracking EVERYTHING - tea, beverages, eating out, eating in, snacks, if it goes in my mouth, it's getting tracked. Since it's just me it should be fairly easy to do. I am also pretty proud of the fact that for the past several months, I've been adamant about only buying things on sale or with a coupon (granted a lot of that is household items and not food, but still, feeling pretty proud of myself for saving money!).
How much are you spending? Any tips for saving money on primal fare?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Primal Accelerated Success is coming to Seattle!

For you Groks and Grokettes in the Pacific Northwest, Mark's Primal Accelerated Success Seminar is coming to Seattle! Check out the details here. I know I'll be there!!