Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts

Here's a yummy one I tried tonight. I sauteed in butter three strips of nitrate-free bacon (diced) with a couple thin slices of white onion and a diced apple. Served it over some pan fried pork chops, and it was DELICIOUS!!! I'll be having leftovers for breakfast.....can't wait!

I am finally able to get raw milk again. About a year ago I was able to get it home delivered through an organic service, then they stopped carrying it, and the only way to get it was to drive fifty miles north to a family farm. Now I have found out my local natural foods store is carrying it. Yeah!!!! The interesting thing is, when I was at the check out, I made a comment to the cashier that I was so excited that they were carrying it. She said several people had said that but she still wasn't sure about how safe it was so she hadn't tried it yet. She actually looked scared of it! All I could think was it's probably safer and better for you than all that soy crap you are carrying and telling people is good for them! I love raw milk. It's the only milk that i can drink that doesn't upset my stomach. It is rich, and creamy, and so different than that fake white crap that most people drink. It's not bright white, it's creamy ecru, the way it should be. Yum!

There is a great post over on Mark's Daily Apple about the benefits of grass vs grain-fed beef. As always he has hit it right on the head. Be sure to check it out.

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