Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoughts on Poultry

I am a bit confused about poultry. What am I supposed to buy? Free Range? Organic? Ugh! It's all so confusing! From the farm where I get my grass-fed, pastured beef and sustainable raised pork, I can get pastured, free-range chicken, but only whole chickens and sometimes I don't want the whole chicken. So I was at my local Top Foods yesterday, and there were three brands to choose from. First was Rosie, they boost more about being organic than free range (which I found on their website). Problem is, they are based in California, so not really local since I am in Washington State. Next was Draper Valley, which is local, package says "grown in WA or OR" and boosts antibiotic free, but not free range. On their website it says "sound raising practices." What the hell is that?!?!?! The third choice was The Ranger (which is also distributed by Draper Valley). They do claim to be free range, and grown in Washington, but looking at the website, it says "free range...access to the outside." So my question is, which do I buy? Is the Ranger really free range or is it just a marketing ploy? Anybody have any thoughts on this? Same question on eggs. Which do I buy? Once in a while I am able to get to a local farm and purchase some eggs, if I am lucky enough to get there early enough before they sell out! I know these are the way to go because you can see the chickens wandering around right in front of you, and their eggs come in many different colors....that is always a shock to people the first time they see it!

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  1. I would probably stick with the whole chickens and just get good at butchering them myself. It certainly can be done. It is probably cheaper. Then you can use the bones and necks and things to make stock, so nothing goes to waste, and it is the most healthy, best for the enviornment chicken.