Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting the "Look"

Have you ever noticed that people are quick to voice their opinion about how you eat if it is different from the norm? Why is that? I am of the opinion to each their own, and while I am happy to give my opinion if you ask for it, I try not to vocally pass judgement on others as their choices are their choices, even if I don't agree with them. Let me give you a couple examples. This past week, I spent two days in training with my company. Which meant 25 of us in a room, all day long, with food brought in that I have no control over. I show up the first morning, knowing there will be little if anything I can eat for breakfast, with "snack packs" of grass fed beef jerky and cheddar cheese cubes. Within minutes, I have three people making comments about what I've brought. When I answer that I can't have the carbs, they immediately ask if I am diabetic, which of course would have been an acceptable answer, but when I say that carbs put me to sleep, they just give me that "look." And what were they eating? Those huge muffins that you get at Costco, trail mix consisting of peanuts, raisins and M&Ms, doughnuts, cookies, pretzels, and candy. Not a piece of fruit or protein was to be found. So I'm the weird one for eating jerky and cheese, but it is acceptable for them to eat chocolate muffins for breakfast? What's wrong with that picture? Lunch was better as salad and fruit was available, served right along side pasta and rolls. Fortunately the pasta had large chunks of chicken in it which I was able to scoop out and eat with my salad. But again, I was getting the "look" like I was the weird one.

Now here is an interesting twist on the diabetes aspect. The next morning I went to breakfast at IHOP with three of my co-workers, one of them who is diabetic. When one is eating Primal, you learn to really read the menus if you are eating out. I would think a diabetic would do the same. Let's compare what we ate: I choose to splurge a little and had Chicken Florentine Crepes, and yes, they were delish!! The diabetic had a ham and cheese omelet, which is a good choice, except IHOP adds "a splash of their famous pancake batter" to their omelets to make them extra "fluffy." (really, check the menu, it's right there in black and white!). Along with this, he had a side of hashbrowns and two slices sourdough toast, with jam. Even though my meal had carbs in it, I am betting it was a helluva lot less than what the one who should be watching carbs had! Yet people will comment and question what I am eating, but won't say a word to him even though he is eating carbs when he shouldn't be! Again, what is wrong with this picture?

Looking back on it, the experience of those two days is actually quite motivating. Some of those people I won't see again for a month. Imagine how different I could be after eating pure paleo for one month. Results may actually be able to be seen. And can you imagine their faces when I can say "I did it with beef jerky and steak for breakfast?"

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