Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celebrate You........with Carbs!

This is going to be a tough week at work, as it is "Celebrate You" week, which means employee appreciation. So of course, lots of food is supplied, breakfast and snacks, consisting mostly of carby, processed crap. At least they have been putting out a good variety of fruit in the morning. Just walking into the break room, I am overwhelmed by the scent of fresh baked donuts, bagels, even cookies! I have to admit, it has been hard. I swear the donuts are calling out to me! I know if I eat those kind of carbs, I will crash within an hour, and feel like crap the rest of the day. So why do I still feel tempted by these carby little devils??? Can you say carb addict? :-)

Morning: 1.5 Scotch eggs, grapes, pineapple and cantaloupe
Snack: Starbucks Berry Chai Infusion (sugar, I know! It's the damn Celebrate You thing!)
Lunch: Joe's Breakfast Special with a dollop of sour cream, 3 chocolate covered cherries
Dinner:Cabbage sauteed with bacon, butter and onions, pork spare ribs.
Snack: 2 cups of homemade stock

I love homemade stock! When I want a little something, but am not really hungry, it really hits the spot. Great way to start and end the day. I made the spare ribs in the crockpot last night, and well, they turned out ok, but a little dry. I used a recipe that was meant to be used for chicken, but well, I decided to use ribs instead because that is what I had on hand. Let's just say that it won't be one I will be making again, but may actually try with the chicken. It is supposed to be a marinade of lemon juice, orange juice (both fresh), soy, dry mustard, olive oil and honey. I decided to just throw everything in the crockpot and let it go. I learned that honey will burn in a crockpot. Lesson learned!

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