Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who loves their Crockpot?

Man, I LOVE my crockpot!!! If you don't have one, run, don't walk, out to get one! I swear I use mine at least once a week! I admit, it took me a while to actually use it correctly -- I know, that sounds weird, but the first couple times I used it, I took the meat out too early, causing it to be tough, and well, just not very good. I was having a hard time seeing what people were raving about. But once I gave into it and left the meat in there for the entire 8-10 hours, I was in meat heaven!!!! I absolutely love cooking whole chickens, roasts, ribs, you name it, it goes in the crockpot!

So last night I used it to make my breakfast this morning. I found a recipe that isn't primal, but overall, it's not too bad. It has layers of frozen hashbrowns, grass fed pork sausage, eggs, cheese, leeks and half and half. Let me tell you, waking up this morning to that smell was all the motivation I needed to get out of bed! I am going to attempt to make this more primal by adding more veggies, maybe some mushrooms and spinach, and double the meat. And I think shredded turnips would be a good sub for the potatoes. Once I get a great primal version of it, I'll post the recipe.

Morning: Crock pot breakfast casserole
Snack: Organic apple
Lunch: Grass fed London broil, with butter sauteed onions and organic mushrooms. Pork rinds with Atkins Sour Cream Clam Dip.
Snack: Grass fed beef Summer Sausage
Dinner: Pork rinds with Atkins Sour Cream Clam Dip, Crock Pot breakfast casserole, Half Cobb Salad
Snack: 20 oz Sugar Free Mocha

As you can see, I haven't given up my dairy yet. Maybe one day, but for now, it's easier for me to keep it in, except regular milk. I have noticed that when I have milk, my stomach has severe reactions. I am fine with sour cream, cheese and the like. But man, I had the mocha tonight at a meeting and wow........was I in agony! I love milk, though I have cut my intake significantly over the past couple months. I do seem to do ok on Raw Milk, but it is hard to come by in the area, and when I can find it, it is expensive! Guess I will have to suck it up and spend the money for the occasional milk consumption. Overall not a great Primal day, but not exactly horrible either.


  1. Congratulations on your successes so far. Keep up the great work and keep in touch with MDA!



  2. When are we going to see more, Living Primal?

    Keep up the great work and keep posting your results. Thank you!