Monday, February 23, 2009

Making (& Taking) Stock

This weekend I made my first batch of homemade chicken stock and it was WONDERFUL!! For some reason, I had a "fear" of making my own stock, as if I would screw it up or something! Guess what? You can't really screw it up! Who knew?!?! LOL I roasted a chicken Saturday night, and then just threw the bones in the crockpot (have I told you how much I love my crockpot!) along with some carrots and onions that were hanging out in the fridge. Poured in water to cover, seasoned with some herbs that I had on hand, set it on high and let it go the rest of the night. Viola! Rich, delicious stock was waiting for me in the morning! I strained out the bones, but left the veggies in (I know some recipes say to take them out, but I think it's a personal choice). Now I am hooked on homemade stock, and can't wait to make other varieties. I plan on making pork spare ribs later this week, and I am going to try making stock with those bones. I've never heard of pork stock, but why not? I'll keep you posted on the results. Another note on the roasted chicken, since I did it in the oven in a roasting pan, not all of the skin browned up as crispy as I would have liked. So I peeled it off after I removed from the oven, laid it flat on a cooking stone, and stuck it under the broiler for a bit. Crisped right up! There was nothing from this bird that was wasted. That is what I call Living Primal!!

I want to give a shout out to Mark over at for the recent mention in his blog. Thank you Mark! You are a true inspiration! I know I have been slack lately about posting but I promise to start blogging alot more. I started this blog to hold me accountable so I promise you, I am back on track. School sidetracked me for a couple weeks (did I mention I am also a grad student?) but my health is too important to let anything deter me from getting the results I want. The sun is finally starting to come back to the great Northwest so I will finally be able to get out and enjoy some nice long walks with the BF and the pup. An interesting note on the BF, he's not fully on the Primal wagon, but he doesn't complain when I cook that way either. Saturday night I set out the roasted chicken along with a bowl of raw baby carrots and some dip for dinner and he dug right in without complaining one bit. It will be interesting as time goes on if I can get him to go more primal.

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