Monday, February 23, 2009

Morning: I started the morning off with a delicious cup of homemade chicken stock. Grass fed beef jerky, a large strawberry, some grapes, and a slice of mango.
Lunch: We celebrated Fat Tuesday early today and it was a fundraiser, so of course, I participated. I had Jambayla, 1/2 a corn muffin and a small slice of King Cake. Mardi Gras only comes around once a year so I'm not going to beat myself up over it...... Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!
Snack: Banana, apple, couple strips grass fed beef jerky
Dinner: Another cup of homemade stock, small bowl of Mac N Cheese, Joe's Breakfast Special, 2 Vodka & Diet, Bakery Cream Puff

Joe's Breakfast Special is something I had a few months back while in Hawaii, and it is yummy! It's a super easy one skillet meal that you will make over and over. In a large skillet or Dutch over, sautee one diced onion, and 8 oz sliced mushrooms in butter. When soft, add in 1 pound ground beef (I used grass fed which is super lean). Cook until almost browned, adding butter (or stock) as needed, seasoning with spices of your choice. Then add 16 oz (give or take) of chopped, frozen spinach. Sautee everything over high heat until most of the moisture is gone. Serve with a dollop of sour cream. In the restaurant version, they make it with scrambled eggs and shredded parmesan. Your choice if you want to add these or not. You can also use fresh spinach, and of course, you can adjust amounts to your liking. This is the kind of cooking I like, stuff you can't screw up! One pot meals are great, and this makes a ton so I will be eating it for several days. Diced avocado on top is also a great addition.

I know, not a great Primal day. But a little primal is better than none at all! I have a friend staying with me for a couple days while she recovers from surgery so the Mac & Cheese and Cream Puff were directly related to her cravings. I know, I could have said no, but I was caught at a weak moment......lame excuse, I admit. In addition to cooking Joe's Breakfast, I also threw some pork spare ribs in the crock pot, made "Scotch Eggs," and put some steaks in to marinade for Tuesday night. No excuse to eat the crap now, as everything I need is right in the fridge!

The idea of "Scotch Eggs" came from Elizabeth over at Caveman Food ( Simply take peeled hardboiled eggs and wrap them with ground pork sausage, be sure the sausage completely encases the egg. Then cook in the over at 350-degrees until nicely browned. Mine came out a little dry but nothing that some added mayo or mashed avocado won't take care of! Quick, easy and portable.......always nice to have on hand!

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