Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I ate today
Morning: banana, Salt and Vinegar Almonds-have you tried these? They are soooo yummy! Made by Blue Diamond, I found them in the 1.5 oz size, and while they are not totally primal, they still work in a pinch.
Lunch: This was way off track but so incredibly delicious! The BF and I got a rare opportunity to have lunch together and we went to this awesome Hawaiian BBQ joint where the food is soooo amazing!! Huli Huli chicken (grilled, smoked chicken with a Hawaiian sauce drizzled over it--sugar, I know!), small amount of macaroni salad, 1 scoop rice (carbs, carbs and more carbs!)
Dinner: Buffalo chicken on a bed of cabbage with homemade Gorgonzola dressing, frozen grapes
Snack: Something I like to call "low carb cheesecake" - a mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream, splenda and blueberries.

Last night I made Buffalo chicken in the crockpot. I love buffalo wings, but honestly, they are such a pain in the ass to eat and usually the ones you find in a restaurant are coated in flour to make them crispy. This is really easy and really tasty.

Buffalo Chicken
1 large package chicken drumsticks, skin removed (optional)
5 oz Louisiana hot sauce
1/2 stick butter, cut into cubes
Chopped garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper to taste

I took the skin off the drumsticks, just because I only like the skin if it is crispy. Your choice if you leave it on or not. (Never fear, I did not waste it! I laid the skin out on a pizza stone and crisped it up in the oven!) Simply place the chicken in the crockpot, season to your liking, dot with the butter cubes, and pour the sauce over all. Flip the crockpot on high for 3 hours and you're done. It's that easy!

I threw together a quick dressing with mayo, sour cream, and Gorgonzola cheese, with a dash of red wine vinegar and hot sauce. Tossed with coleslaw cabbage and chicken for a quick salad, and it was delish!

Where to save a few cents
I know in this economy, we are all trying to cut back where we can, and sometimes that is hard to do eating primal. Personally, I won't give up my pastured beef, pork and lamb, even though the prices have gone up. Instead, I have changed the way I shop for produce, buying only what organic produce is on sale. I can't wait for the farmer's markets to start next month when I can get really great stuff at much better prices. I have also started buying some things at the discount stores like Big Lots and Grocery Outlet. I can find spices, sauces, some canned things like tomatoes, even some frozen veggies, for a very reduced price. For instance I found a 6 oz bottle of hot sauce for $0.50, when I would normally pay at least $2.00 for it in the grocery store. Every cent I can save on these items, I can put towards the more expensive items, helping to better fuel my body.

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