Monday, March 2, 2009

They have arrived!

Morning: Grass-fed beef jerky, tuna mixed with mayo and dill pickle spear
Lunch: Joe's Breakfast Special, apple, 1 oz Cocoa Roast almonds
Dinner: Shrimp with mayo-mustard mix, cup of delicious homemade turkey stock, 3 oz sharp cheddar cheese,
and then.......the Girl Scout cookies arrived!!! Lord help me! I'm not really sure what possessed me to order seven boxes last month, but I did. I admit, I had several cookies last night, then pawned the open boxes off on the BF. Trust me, he didn't fight me on it! I pawned another off on my parents and the rest went in the freezer. Now, I admit that I have been looking forward to getting the cookies. I love Samoas! To me, those are just a little bite of heaven! When I dipped into my first one tonight, it didn't taste the same. It tasted overcooked. It didn't bring back the fond memories I had of them. It made me not want to eat the whole box!!! I have a feeling this is a good thing!


  1. Oh good for you! Girl Scout cookies are so delicious (I like the peanut butter/chocolate ones- don't remember what they're called... so NOT primal), so the fact that you only ate a few and passed them off is huge! Not only that, but once you start eating primal, everything tastes too sweet nowadays (or so I feel) so it's not a surprise that the samoas felt a bit overcooked! Isn't that the first sign that your taste buds are realigning?


  2. Thanks BEE! I really do hope my tastebuds are realigning, as I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth!! However, I am really looking forward to spring approaching so I can enjoy all the great fruit that it brings....yum! I enjoy your blog, keep up the great posts!