Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I first read about Meatzza here on Richard's "Free the Animal" blog. He then referred to Justin's blog for an improved crust. So tonight I tried it. And OMG....IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!

For toppings I used pastured bacon, chopped onion and organic portabellos.

Here's the finished product. I was only able to eat a tiny bit of this, as it was so filling.
Need a new way to cook bacon? Try cooking it in the oven, with a self cleaning oven, there's no mess to clean up! Just lay the bacon out on a roasting rack (inside a roasting pan) let it cook for 7 or so minutes, and it's perfect! Plus, the bacon grease is nice and clean for future use.

Tonight was Mark Sisson's live webcast and it was awesome! Viewers were throwing questions at him left and right and he provided tons of helpful information. Thanks Mark for a great two hours! I hope he does this again, it was definitely worth it.

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