Monday, August 3, 2009

Take the Challenge!

Mark Sisson posted the latest 30-Day Primal Challenge over at Marks Daily Apple. Go check it out and then get involved in the forums. This is a design it yourself challenge, where you decide what your goals are going to be. It's not a competition, but a way to start or enhance your primal lifestyle. The forum even has a place to start your own journal, and as we all know, the Primal community is uber-supportive.

My goals for this challenge are:
  • Get more sleep. On average, I tend to get 5-6 hours a night. I would like to increase that to 6-7, and allow myself to tap a nap if I need it. I tend to feel guilty if I take a nap, as if I am wasting time. It's time to listen to my body and give it what it needs.
  • Walk the talk. It's time to show friends what the Primal lifestyle is all about. I am the first person to tout the benefits of eating primal, but I am not the best walking example. Time to be a walking advertisement.
  • Limit alcohol intake. I've been spending more time lately with friends trying to cool off at the local watering hole. This is not benefitting my primal-ness. Time to limit it to a couple glasses of red wine a week (a sensible vice according to Mark!).
  • More outside time. The sun is out and it is time to get there and enjoy it, whether it is walking the dog, or working in the yard, or just playing like a kid.
  • Drink more water.

Daily Eats:

Breakfast: big cup of homemade chicken broth, handful of raw almonds.

Lunch: grilled Top Sirloin, 3/4 oz 72% Dark Chocolate

Dinner: big cup of homemade chicken broth, grilled Top Sirloin, roasted free range chicken, small zucchini (fresh from my garden!) sauteed in coconut oil and soy sauce, frozen grapes.

Good luck with the challenge everyone! I will make an effort to post daily and keep you posted on how I'm doing. Feel free to add your goals, status updates, etc in the comments section.

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