Thursday, April 29, 2010

30 Day Challenge

I have finally been able to read "The Primal Blueprint" and it is amazing! Alot of us that follow Mark's Daily Apple, probably think we already know all we need to about the Primal Lifestyle. Think again. Get the book, read it, then re-read it and implement it today. What could be better than a lifestyle that applauds steak, red wine, dark chocolate, naps and play time!

So I am issuing myself a challenge and welcome anyone who wants to join in! The challenge will begin May 1, and run through the month. Pick one, two, or how ever many things you'd like, to focus on during the month. Post your goals in the comment section, then check in every week and let us know how you're doing.

My goals for May:
  • Get more sleep. My goal is at least 7 hours a night. Sleep is so important to so many facets of our life. I've always had a hard time sleeping, I felt like I was wasting time or missing out on something. Now I know better. Getting 7 hours is a huge step in the right direction.
  • Play more. The Primal Blueprint suggests about two hours per week of slow cardio, and 2-3 strength building sessions. More slow cardio for me! Now that Spring is here, it will be easier to get outside and move. I've joined two "hiking with dogs" groups that will get me out of the house for fun, rather than for that dreaded exercise.
  • Keep a food journal. While the PB does not require this, personally, I feel I need it to really keep track where I am at. In the PB, there is a recommendation for tracking calories, fat, protein and carbs IF you are trying to lose weight. Which I am. So, I will be keeping calories between 1650-1750, Carbs at or below 50g, fat at least 100g, and protein at least 80g.

So who is joining me for the challenge? And what are your goals?

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  1. I'll join you-my goal(s) for May are to mainly just get back on track-I've been sick for quite a while and have totally lost my work out mojo. Did some bench pressing last night-it's a small step in the right direction!
    Good luck!