Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ready for the Journey

The New Year is upon us, and like most people, lose weight and get in shape top my list of New Year's Resolutions. I feel like I have been on a diet most of my life and personally, I am sick of it! I think the thing that really gets me is that I know what I need to do. I know what foods my body responds best to. The question is "if I know this, why do I stray from it?"

Well, the time has come to end all that. I decided why not throw caution to the wind and turn to the internet for accountability and support? So here it is, my attempt to get back to eating real food, the food that my body responds best to. Real food is meat, seafood, veggies, fruits, nuts, and yes, fats. My poisons are sugar and carbs. Really, it's true. I know when I eat sugar or carbs, I will feel horrible within an hour, and continue to feel like crap the rest of the day, which of course gets me in that mindset of "of well, I've already blown it." (I know so many of you can relate to that!)

When I say Living Primal, I am referring to the Primal Blueprint that you can find over at Mark Sisson's blog ( The man is living proof that real food is the only way to feed the body! Check it out for wonderful information about how we should all be living!

So what is my plan? Eat (and play!) according to the Primal Blueprint, which includes occassional vices, which in plain english, means every once in a while, I can still indulge in wine and chocolate -- two of my favorite vices!!! And to hold myself accountable, I will post out here in cyberspace for all to see, what I am eating on a daily basis. Now, this blog is not just about what I am eating. It is about making positive changes in all areas of my life, even if I don't know what all those changes are just yet.

I am finally ready to embrace the primal lifestyle. I have cleaned out my kitchen and stocked up on the good stuff. I am also getting into the mindset that this is not a diet, but a life long lifestyle. There are a lot of Primal steps that I already have in place. For instance, when I cook at home, I use only grass-fed meat from a local ranch. (If you are in Washington State and need a source for pastured beef, chicken, lamb and pork, check out They are amazing!!!) I also attempt to buy as much local produce as possible. I've even joined a home delivery service that delivers only grown in the Northwest (local) produce.

The picture in my profile was taken December 17 at Hanuma Bay in Hawaii. Notice the long sleeves? Yeah, kinda tired of that! A new position at work will "require" three to four trips a year to Hawaii (rough, I know, but somebody has to do it!) and in the next picture, on the next trip, I want to be wearing something a little more fashionable, maybe even showing a little skin (ok, maybe just a little arm!). My dream is to have arms like Angela Basset in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." I have been saying for years that I want arms like hers!

So there's my story, thanks for joining me in the journey!

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  1. Congratulations on going Primal!

    You are absolutely right to save that the Primal Blueprint is a framework for lifestyle behavior. Making changes is the tough part, but once you are on the side you'll find that it just becomes a way of life with little to no effort whatsoever.

    Please drop me a line every now and again and stay in touch. I'd love to hear about your successes and/or trials. And please drop by the comment boards and share your thoughts sometime as well.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Sisson