Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day One

It's the end of day one, and so far, I am feeling good about the choices I made today. While not totally primal, due to poor planning on my part, it was overall much lower in carbs that I would normally have. My food today was:

Morning: 1 oz Roasted Almonds
Atkins Advantage bar --- I know, it's not primal, but it was better than grabbing a snickers!!
Lunch: Flat out Wrap with mayo and turkey pastrami
Dinner: 2 eggs, scrambled, with 3 sausage links, and 2 Tbsp Sour Cream
2 glasses wine
Snack: Tea with 2 tbsp raw honey and lemon juice -- obviously I was craving something sweet! Good thing the worse thing I had in the house was raw honey!

I got my meat delivery today (grass-fed, pastured) so I am now fully stocked and will be able to better plan the rest of the week. My freezer is filled with incredible looking steaks, ribs, bacon, ham, pork steaks, and even some cuts I've never tried lamb riblets, leaf lard, and london broil (I've had london broil, but have never cooked it myself before!). I am excited to try some new recipes and expand my palette.

Tomorrow I will receive my first shipment of local, organic produce from a new delivery service that I am trying, Terra Organics. The "box" that I will be receiving only has fruits and vegetables grown here in the Northwest. While I generally try to go Organic, if I can find Local AND Organic, I am in heaven! I think this service will help me expand my options in my cooking. For instance, this week, the box contains kale and parsnips. I've never had either of these. I've found some simple, primal friendly recipes that I am really looking forward to making this weekend. If everything goes well, I'll post the recipes.

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