Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back on track

Back home after an interesting visit to Argentina. While I am glad to be home, I am missing the massive quantities of meat! I'm a week away from my next delivery of grass-fed beef and I am jonesing for a big ol' steak! While beef is king in Argentina, I admit I did veer off track. And I am paying for it with a three pound weight gain. Ugh! Which of course got me thinking about why I started this blog in the first place. My first post said how I was sick and tired of being overweight. Guess what? I am still overweight! So it is time to get serious....again! I have taken my measurements this evening, and while I am not quite ready to share them, I promise to do so soon. I am issuing myself a 30-day challenge, to stick to the primal lifestyle and actually see progress. I refuse to spend another summer covered up and hiding from friends' cameras. I also feel like a hypocrite. When my friends go on and on about the latest diet fad, I am the first to spout off about the benefits of the primal lifestyle. Unfortunately, I am not walking the talk. Time to show what real food can do for you and prove that one doesn't need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on gimmicks...prepackaged food, shots of just isn't necessary. So next month, on July 4, I will post my starting stats, and hopefully, have some positive results to share.

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